The Best West Coast Road Trips - Part 1

Undoubtedly, the United States is a diverse country and offers myriad natural attractions and culturally iconic cities for you to explore and experience. The West Coast happens to have them all. The bright sunny weather to the unforgettable road trips has everything to offer in a memorable road trip. To make your itinerary quick and easy, we have listed down the best West Coast road trips that you can plan to satisfy the wanderlust inside of you. 

But before we start with our favorites lists, let me answer ‘Why West Coast Roadtrip?’

From the city of Seattle, through the charming forests and coastline of Oregon, through California’s diverse state—the west coast of the USA is one of the most spectacular road trips in the world. It is a trip that offers so much:

  • Ferry rides in the Seattle harbor
  • Hikes through the redwood forests in Oregon
  • Wine-tasting in Napa Valley
  • The windy roads of San Francisco
  • Beach lounging on Cannon Beach
  • The bright lights of Las Vegas
  • Impressive coastal drives for hours

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Here, we have collected some excellent and  Popular Road Trip Routes on the United States West Coast. Use them as inspiration for your next road trip—or as a reason to plan a trip.

1. Olympic Peninsula – If you are craving to get out of the hustles of the big town, then the stretch of 330 miles around Washington’s Olympic Peninsula would offer you comfort. Dotted with rocky coastline, misty emerald lakes, and a small town with a population under 1000 is the place worth visiting. 

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  • Star Attraction: If you are a ‘Twilight’ fan, La Push Beach is an unmissable location for you. The raw and earthiness of the place emit a natural spectacle for every tourist. You can find some secluded and lesser-known beaches in and around the site and an abundance of fascinating nature. 

2. Vancouver to San Francisco – The best time to visit would be from May to October. You will meet with gorgeous weather, full of warmth and sunshine, with the minimal crowd during this season. Forests along the way follow so many beautiful national parks, and some of the notable stops would be the quaint harbor city of Victoria, Seattle, Long Beach of Washington, and Crater Lake.

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  • Star Attraction Cannon Beach: This place, Haystack Rock, is popularly known as ‘Goonies Rock,’ named after the adventure movie of 1985. With the sea stack rising to 235 feet above sea level, the scenery is a vision to behold. 

3. California Coast – Opting for the Pacific Coast Highway is probably one of the most iconic road trips of all times that stretches over 600 miles of the California coastline. The beautiful coast will undoubtedly take your breath away with the calming ocean view and scenic beauty of the Peninsula. Also, the spanning Golden Gate Bridge that ends in the terrific redwood forests of Mendocino County is worth planning for. For those who love the nightlife, sleek bars along the route serve inventive cocktails using clarified lime and pandan ingredients. And in case you’re tired of the speakeasy concept, keep in mind that one of L.A.’s hippest offerings has an ’80s theme and private karaoke rooms.

Golden Gate Bridge

  • Star Attraction Big Sur – If you plan for this road trip, the stop at the Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur is a must-see location. It is also known as one of the most photographed bridges with its aesthetic design and rugged view that showcases one of the most beautiful national treasures. If you are a fan of hiking, it offers various campsites for the ultimate adventure. 
  • Star Attraction: The Napa Valley, or popularly known as Wine Country, is about 50 miles north of San Francisco and a must-visit place for wine lovers. You can find scores of wineries in these renowned places as well as in Sonoma County. Apart from that, you can also explore the Silverado Trail on the eastern portion of the valley. 

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Whether you prefer to travel by four-wheeler or a bike, at a fast pace or more slowly, there’s something to suit everyone in the West Coast Road Trip we’ve listed above.

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