The Best West Coast Road Trips - Part 2

The West Coast is a little bit magical; that’s how I feel every time I go on a road trip. With more trips to West Coast under my belt than I can count, I’m finally writing Part 2 of West Coast Road Trip.

This is your perfect guide if you’re looking for a West Coast road trip. You can customize your journey based on the length of your holiday. Pick and choose from the fun activities, and road trip stops below.

 With unique activities for both winter and others for summer, this guide will work in any season.

1. 7 Wonders of Oregon – 

Let the adventurer spirit within you soar high and free as you travel the seven statewide destinations that Oregon has to offer. From the lucrative and ingenious wildlife to the geological beauty, the experience will be worthwhile. Starting with the Crater Lake boat ride that will let you soak into the rich geological history, you can also choose to travel along the Oregon Coast in your car. Every place has something incredible to offer, the stunning scenery of Mount Hood or the boardwalk across the Painted Hills. Apart from many beautiful places, you can also visit the Wallowa Mountains, Smith Rock, and the Columbia River Gorge. Each year, these seven wonders of Oregon attract at least about half a million visitors. 

road trip west coast

2. Inland Oregon 

If the mountains and hiking are not your thing, then you might want to explore Inland Oregon. The drive to Eugene (about 180 miles northwest) is a great option, and the road trip to the Bend, for about 130 miles from Eugene. You can also visit Portland (about 100 miles) in all its glory and explore some of the spots like the Portland International Rose Test and Pine State Biscuits. One of the unique destinations would be the fossil beds of Mount Hood, located about 200 miles northwest, and offers an exquisite view of the natural landscape. 

3. Los Angeles – 

road trip LA

road trip LA

if you are under the impression that Los Angeles is a desert and has little to offer to a traveler, you could not be more wrong about this. The Palm Springs in the east has an array of spots. Visit the Integratron, which is a geodesic dome sound bath in the middle of the desert. I would recommend visiting the Joshua Tree National Park, and it is very famous for its cacti and aesthetic view. 

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4. Oregon to Dallas – 

road trip dallas

The magnificent drive of the 75 mile Columbia River Highway that connects Oregon with Dallas is the perfect short road trip to the west coast one could ever plan for. The scenery is heavenly, with towering waterfalls and high bridges, and abundant flora and fauna. 

  • Star Attraction: The 610 foot Multnomah Falls is an unmissable spot that attracts the crowd each year. From here, you can also visit the Oneonta Falls with a similar view but a less crowded area. 

These are the best West Coast road trips that would spice up your itinerary. Let us know of your plans and the route you are planning for a memorable road trip. Have you read this post: West Coast Road Trip Guide -PART 1 ?