At Midwest Can safety is always a priority for us. which is why we designed our exclusive FlameShield Safety System℠. Now we're proud to introduce "Fireman Jarrett" as our new Fire Safety Advisor.


Jarrett is a professional firefighter and we are excited to have him on our team to help inform us, our customers and the public on the critically important subject of fire safety.

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"Everyone should treat the handling, transport and storage of all flammable liquids very seriously."

Fireman Jarrett

Professional firefighter, HAZMAT Certified Specialist

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We have a lot of reasons to celebrate this Holiday season! Not only do we have Christmas and New Years but this week we celebrated

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Container Specialties is ready to take new orders and this Thursday we are Celebrating its 40th Anniversary with a luncheon for current and potential customers.

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The Midwest Can & Container Specialties Family wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours 🦃

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CSI is Celebrating 40 Years!

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If you happen to be at the #AAPEX show this year come check us out. We are at booth 4022 by the main entrance. Come

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As #firepreventionweek wraps up Fireman Jarrett wants to remind you to visit the National Fire Protection Associations’ Fire Prevention Week website at to learn

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#firepreventionweek safety tip #4 – Make sure you keep fire extinguishers in key areas of your home where fires are more likely to start. #fireextinguishers

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#firepreventionweek safety tip #3 – dryer vents get clogged and should be cleaned annually. #cleanyourdryer #buildup #annualcleaning #scheduleit #safetytips

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#firepreventionweek safety tip #2 – Make sure you’re changing smoke alarm batteries twice a year 🪫 #changebatteries #smokealarm #smokealarmssavelives #familysafety #maintenance

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#firepreventionweek Safety Tip – Always have a Family fire escape plan incase of emergencies. #escapeplan #emergencyladder #beprepared #fireescapeplan #safetytips


A safer way to store, transport, and handle flammable liquids

To help address growing consumer concern for safety related to personal fuel containers, Midwest Can has developed our exclusive FlameShield Safety System. Now every Midwest Can portable fuel container has our new FlameShield Safety System.

Flamesheild safety system

A double layer of protection

The FlameShield Safety System is comprised of two critical elements – our vapor locking Quick-Flow Spout – plus a special internal flame mitigation device. This two-piece system provides consumers with a "double layer of protection" from accidental fires that can result when improperly handing and storing gasoline and other flammable liquids.


Proven to enhance fuel safety

Independent testing has confirmed that portable plastic fuel containers equipped with internal flame mitigation devices reduce the chance of personal injury when improperly used around a fire or spark. The internally placed flame mitigation device helps prevent dangerous flame jetting or container combustion when containers are improperly used in the presence of a spark or fire.


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