How to Mow the Lawn - Summer Lawn Mowing Secrets

Having a lush green lawn is a beautiful feeling. The whole wintertime, we wait for this moment to encounter grass grow and transform the backyard into a gorgeous paradise, and now when we are ready to show off the beautiful front-yard or backyard to dear friends and neighbors, the only thing that we fret about is the sight of weeds, fungus, and unevenly trimmed surface. With proper care and tools for your Lawn, you can see your plans for lush, thick turf and backyard entertaining come true. Divide this mission into one task at a time, and work through these lawn care basics.


 Here are some of our favorite Summer Lawn-mowing secrets:


Invest in a good Gas Lawn Mower:

A right Gas lawn mower helps the Yard become healthy and eliminates problems like unwanted weeds, fungus, and pests from the grass. A good Gas Mower ensures that various debris pieces are picked up and cleared every week; nothing really accumulates on the grass.

I always prefer Gas-powered Mowers over Electric Mowers since the former is more durable and robust. Gas lawn mowers are far more long-lasting than electric models. Their sturdy motor makes the task much more comfortable, and it can run for hours without breaking a sweat. 

Mow a Dry Lawn

The best time to mow is early evening; it gives the Lawn plenty of time to recover before the next day’s sun heat. In the evening, the grass is on the dry side unless it has rained, and if you observe early morning, even if it didn’t rain till the grass has some moisture from fog or dew.

I would never recommend cutting wet grass as it can result in clogging your lawnmower and developing grass fungus more easily.

Another reason for mowing Lawn when it’s dry is that it won’t cause uneven surfaces and help the roots grow deeper.

Scalping A Lawn:


One thing that can make your Lawn look happier is scalping. Autumn and winter are too hard on your Lawn. Fall-leaves get accumulated in autumn, and if neglected, they get stuck, causing the grass to suffocate and die. That’s why you see those white spots in lush green areas; it is the area that is devoid of sunlight because of the accumulation of fall leaves.

 Scalping a lawn can eliminate built-up thatch and protect against lawn diseases. It forces grass plants to focus their energy on regrowing their blades. The grass blades shade the soil and keep it more comfortable, stopping the weed seeds from sprouting. All this leads to the grass growing taller and greener, and everyone loves softer cushiony grass.


Change Your Mowing Pattern

This is what I learned recently but made a massive difference in the way my backyard looks now. Each time I mow, I do it in a different direction. I recommend this to everyone because sometimes the grass will start to lean in the direction you cut, and that’s not always good. Mowing from all different approaches will make the grass look clean and healthy.

Wrong mowing techniques may produce a brown-tipped lawn that looks really bad!

Invest in a proper Fuel Container:

Store gasoline for your Lawnmower in the right container like Midwest Can Company 5 Gallon Auto Shut Off Gas Can. This is the most favorite product because it is designed with a broad base and lower center of gravity to reduce the chance of tipping over. The best part is that all the Midwest Can fuel containers include a FlameShield Safety System and a double layer of protection from fires.

When storing fuel for a Lawnmower, you can also add an excellent stabilizer to decrease the rate of compound evaporation from gasoline.  

Sometimes it makes a massive difference with just a little bit of attention and investing in a good Gas Can. I can confidently say that the right fuel container can protect your mower from some of the most common fuel-related problems and keep it working mode all spring.


I would also recommend consulting with your lawn care provider to schedule summer maintenance routines to check your grass’s health. This is why continued mowing and taking proper care is recommended, even when the grass is looking greener on your side. Yard in summer likes slightly sandy, well-draining soil in full sun. It prefers areas with rainy summer months and does not like excessive heat, so another essential ingredient is enough water. The grass is summer tolerant once established but will grow faster and better with proper care. So make sure you water the grass at least thrice a week during dry summer months.

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