FlameShield Safety System℠ 

A Safer Way to Store,
Transport, and Handle
Flammable Liquids

Consumer Research Confirms FlameShield Safety System Appeal

National consumer research reveals that when the dangers of improper storage and/or handling of flammable liquids are explained and clearly demonstrated, container safety quickly becomes the #1 consumer purchase consideration. 

Midwest Can conducted national research to evaluate consumer and retail buyer interest in a safer fuel container. The research revealed high levels of interest and very strong appeal for the FlameShield Safety System and the added protection it provides when storing, handling, and transporting flammable liquids.

Midwest Can’s FlameShield Safety System equipped lineup is engineered to be among the safest portable fuel containers you can buy!

  • 8 in 10 consumers find the FlameShield Safety System a very appealing way to obtain added protection from accidental fires and injuries that can occur with improper use and storage of combustible fuels

  • Over 83% of consumers expressed an interest in purchasing Midwest Can FlameShield Safety System containers

  • Almost 80% of retailers surveyed find FlameShield
    ​containers more attractive

  • Fire prevention and safety are the #1 most important attribute to consumers in the selection of a portable fuel container

To help address growing consumer concern for safety related to personal fuel containers, Midwest Can has developed our exclusive FlameShield Safety System℠.  Comin soon, every Midwest Can portable fuel container will have our new Safety System. 

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Committed to the Safe Handling, Storage, and usage of Flammable Liquids

A double layer of protection

​The Flame Shield Safety System is comprised of two critical elements - Our vapor locking Quick-Flow Spout™ +
a special internal flame mitigation device. This two piece system provides consumers with a “double layer of protection” from accidental fires that can result when improperly handling and storing gasoline and other flammable liquids. 

FlameShield Technology Proven to Enhance Fuel Can Safety

Independent testing has confirmed that portable plastic fuel containers equipped with internal flame mitigation devices reduce the chance of personal injury when improperly used around a fire or spark. The internally placed flame mitigation device helps prevent dangerous flame jetting or container combustion when containers are improperly used in the presence of a spark or fire. 

Watch our FlameShield Safety System video