How do I properly store my “Quick-Flow” Spout?

Midwest Can Company’s spout is designed to be stored with the spout attached in the fully assembled position and closes automatically when removed from a gas tank. When you are done fueling your tank, simply reattach the “Red” cap securely to the spout and store in a well ventilated area.

Once attached, our “Quick-Flow” spout should only be removed to fill the container. Remember, gasoline should always be stored in a well-ventilated area out of reach of children and away from heat sources and ignition sources. For more gasoline safety information, please see our
safety awareness page.

Will the  “Quick-Flow” spout work with my old gas cans?

Midwest Can Company’s "Quick-Flow" spouts will fit on all Midwest Can Company’s non-vented cans. But if you’re using an older can, we recommend that you check out a can manufactured after January 1, 2016. These new cans comply with all EPA/CARB regulations and are better for the environment. Check the manufacturing date on the bottom of the container to determine when it was manufactured. Feel free to contact us for additional assistance.

What governmental regulations apply to Midwest Can Company’s “Quick-Flow” spout and where can I learn more about them?

Midwest Can Company’s fuel containment system is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resource Board, the California State Fire Marshall, NFPA 30 Fire Codes and ASTM Standards. To learn more about the regulations please visit for a list of regulatory websites. You may also reference the EPA Final Order regulation.

Can I refuel on-road vehicles with the Midwest Can Company’s “Quick-Flow' spout?

Yes. Our spout was designed with this application in mind. No accessories, tubes or funnels are needed.

Midwest Can Company recommends that refueling vehicles with any portable fuel container only occur in emergency situations. Always store and use gasoline in a well-ventilated area, never store in your vehicle, and keep out of reach of children.

How do I properly store my “Quick-Flow” (CARB) spout?

Midwest Can Company’s spout is designed to close automatically. After you have filled your tank, reattach the red cap and store in a safe, well-ventilated area. In addition, once the container has been filled with gasoline, the spout should NEVER be re-inserted back into the body of the can.

Can I store fuel in my gas cans for long periods of time?

Stored fuel will not hurt your gas can. However, keep in mind there is a chance for potential loss of octane during long periods of storage.

Where should I store my gas can?

Always store fuel in a well ventilated area and out of reach of children. Please see
Safety Awareness for more information.

Why does my can expand in heat and contract in cold temperatures?

Fuel vapors expand when hot and contract when cold. Our plastic containers are designed to have the resilience to accommodate for these phenomena. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) tests our cans to an ASTM F852 standard which includes a 20 psi test to allow for the expansion caused by fuel. The can will return to its normal state when at room temperature. If you need to use your can under expansion or contraction, you should release any built up pressure or vacuum by slowly loosening the collar temporarily actuating the "Quick-Flow" spout. Only do this in a well ventilated area away from any flame source and on a flat surface.

How do I release pressure in my “Quick-Flow” spout?

Pressure in the can is due to the expansion of fuel vapors in hot temperatures. The can will return to its normal state when at room temperature again. If you need to use your can while it is still under expansion, you should release any built up pressure by Venting the can. Click in the red safety tab and pull down on the neck of the spout. Only do this in a well-ventilated area away from any flame source and on a flat surface. (Reference instructional Picture C on the inside panel of your label)

What does CARB stand for?

California Air Resource Board. Midwest Can Company offers a full assortment of gasoline cans that meet CARB regulations for portable fuel containers with our "Quick-Flow" spout. For further details on CARB, please visit

Why can’t I find a different colored can for my oil mixes?

Our cans are tested to ASTM standards which mandate that all gas cans be red, all diesel cans yellow, and all kerosene cans blue. If using cans for oil mixes, be sure to clearly label them as such using the supplied neck tag.

Is it safe to drink water stored in your water cans?

Yes. Be sure to only put water in the can. Be sure to wash and rinse your container  thoroughly before storing water.

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