2020 has been quite disappointing for the baseball fans as the global outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 disrupted the Spring Training during mid-March, ultimately delaying the Opening Day. Even though the season did resume around late July, the teams played only a 60-game schedule due to the pandemic. While this pandemic is still lurking around, the vaccines have been a saving grace for many of us. And for the fans of the baseball games as well. April 1 has been slotted for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, and the countdown has already begun.


On April 1, 2021, the New York Yankees will host Toronto, and Detroit will be hosting Cleveland as part of an opening day schedule of 15 games. 


Since last year, various health and safety measures against COVID-19 have already been composed and in force. Along with the existing ones, some new protocols have also been brought into force. 

  • The mandatory five-day-at-home quarantine before Spring Training is enforced, followed by antibody and PCR testing. 
  • The expansion of voluntary COVID-19 testing of the household members is provided, in addition to charitable testing of heal care workers, youth organizations, and other MLB communities. 
  • Contact Tracing Officer has been appointed for every Club of MLB to expedite the process.


  • To keep the grounds lush, the drainage system must be impeccable. It is only the elaborate irrigation system that facilitates the soil’s nutrients and ensures grass’s healthy growth. It is advisable to water the field during the morning.
  • On the other hand, the drainage system must also be constructed efficiently to prevent the water from pooling on the ground and making the soil muddy and unfit. 
  • MLB fields are also fertilized through liquid fertilization to save time and money. Various approaches have been taken to facilitate non-toxic and biodegradable dyes for lawn painting for aesthetic purposes. 



The task of mowing is not an easy one. There are specific patterns in which the field is mowed, and it requires a significant amount of skill and experience to execute the same. With the spring officially here, the grass is cut low and fancy. This Patterns will also be drawn, along with the logo of the home team.


While each franchise has set its own reporting dates, most of the teams have already opened their camp on February 17. February 27, 2021, marked the beginning of the Spring Training action, but due to unavoidable circumstances, the date was shifted back a day and officially began on Sunday. As usual, the teams’ pressure is unquantifiable, and fans are waiting to watch their favorite players in action. Due to the pandemic situation, the number of spectators has been limited. There will be a live telecast of the Spring Training on MLB TV and live score updates on social media games.

Are you excited about the Opening Day?

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