For The Ultimate Camping Experience

If you’ll have enjoyed our Camping Guide Part One we are sure you’ll this one as well.

Whether you are setting your camp near rugged mountains or desert landscapes, or dazzling waterfalls I am sure you want to make this experience endless camera-ready imagery. You have so many places to celebrate spring, summer, and even autumn. Camping is the best way to pause and enjoy the outdoors. One of my favorite camp trips was near Lake Tahoe, so this guide comes from my memories of my perfect memorable camping trip to this magical Lake Tahoe.

Don’t Forget to Bring the Shelter

good tent
Always carry a good shelter (tent) to protect you from wind, rain, and crawling bugs. The right camping shelter /tent can make a huge difference in your overall camping experience. Lousy or small tents are definitely one of the top reasons for a bad night’s sleep. 

When buying a tent, find a balance of quality to affordability and interior space to ease-of-use. Personally, I’ll try to find a tent that is best-equipped to handle stormy weather, has large vestibules, and has extra-thick poles. Your tent should also qualify to be the quickest, easiest, and most intuitive tents to pitch and pack up. A good tent will always provide great weather protection, affordability, spaciousness, and practicality.

You Need to Stay Hydrated

water during camping

It’s crucial to stay hydrated when you are outside for so long, and so you need to carry tons of water, whether that’s a huge container like this 6-gallon water container or easy to carry 4-gallon water container. When deciding how much water to carry, many people need about a half-liter every hour during a normal day in moderate temperatures. It is better to carry more than that depending on factors like the outside temperature, level of exertion, altitude, or an emergency.

Choose the right camping buddies

camping with friends

Arguing with friends or your camping companion doesn’t have to be inevitable on a trip. For me, it’s always so important to choose the right group of people who will get along with each other and whose company I really enjoy. Your travel buddy or your camping tribe can be low-maintenance and laidback personalities that can promote a stress-free fun trip, so when selecting your camping group, it’s always better to be with personalities who you already know.

Last but not least, Just Have Fun!

Fresh air, enchanting scenery, and unplugging for a while is always good for the soul. 

One of our favorite products for camping is this Midwest Can’s 4.5-gallon portable water jug :

4.5 Gallon Water