Come see us this year at the Sands Expo AAPEX Show. Were excited to get consumer and retailers hands on the NEW Flame Shield Safety System and talk about what the future holds.

We are dedicated to our customers, the environment,
​and the quality of everything we produce


Value – Year after year, Midwest Can fuel containers represent the best price/value available in the plastic fuel container category.

Heritage – Our 60+ year track record of American manufacturing excellence has enabled us to be the industry leader in portable plastic fuel container solutions.

Johnny P.  /  Oregon City, OR

Amazing customer service! Sent an email to their customer service from their website and received a reply right away. I was inquiring about replacement parts and even though they generally don't sell directly to the public they wanted to help me out. I have many of their products because of the the great quality gas cans they make but am delighted to know they have exceptional customer service as well!

Midwest Can’s commitment to our community includes being environmentally responsible.

  • We are proactive in controlling waste
  • We recycle all of our unused raw and waste materials, including resin, paper, and cardboard.
  • We perform regular, comprehensive maintenance programs on our machines which result in peak performance, saving energy and reducing negative impact on the environment.

Midwest Can provides innovative container solutions that are aligned with the needs and desires of today’s consumers. Our commitment is to design and manufacture the highest quality products; market them competitively; and maintain the exceptional level of customer service our customers have come to expect from the Midwest Can Company.​

​Midwest Can offers a full line of high quality, full featured fuel containers that deliver on the features and qualities consumers appreciate the most:

why choose MIDWEST CAN?

Over 70 years ago, (in a small shop) in Chicago, IL, a returning World War II Navy veteran established the Midwest Can Company and began manufacturing portable gas cans for the American consumer. What began as a company dedicated to the sole production of metal containers has since evolved into a corporation offering a wide range of container solutions that meet our customers growing needs and requirements.

Today, Midwest Can continues to lead the industry in engineering safer fuel containers with the introduction of our exclusive line of
FlameShield safety system equipped containers provides consumers featuring a “double layer of protection” from accidental fires that can result when improperly handling and storing gasoline and other flammable liquids. 

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Customer Testimonials

glenn B.   /  gardena, ca

Customer service was above and beyond. I sent a message and with in hours I was contacted by Kevin and he had started working on my issue. The next day everything was rectified. Great service and a great company. Thank you so much for all your help!!!!

brett s.  /  monee, IL 

As a retail customer, I did not expect much to come of my request to get a free replacement part for a failed part on a fuel container that Midwest Can produced and sold thru Menards.  To the contrary, I was treated like John Menard himself!  No questions, no hassles, stood behind the replacement, paid for shipping and got it to me pronto!  This is the stuff that great companies are made of.

victor d.  /  n. Palm beach, fl 

Your lightning speed response, and resolution to my inquiry must set a new milestone in customer service response, resolution and satisfaction. Your brand and company will not soon be forgotten by me. Thank you, and rest assured that your product line will be foremost on my future purchase list.


This month we had the exciting opportunity to launch our freshly designed website featuring our new look and highlighting our Flame Shield Safety System. We hope to help and educate the consumer on the importance of safety while answering any product related questions. 

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We're proud to announce our newest member to the gas can family. The Flame Shield Safety System which will come standard on all new Midwest Cans. Watch the video below to find out why you need to put an added layer of protection in your next gas can
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Committed to the Safe Handling, Storage, and usage of Flammable Liquids

Steve w.  /  ann arbor, mi

Incredible, unbelievable customer service.  Bought 4 gas cans for my boat and fill them with rec gas.  Left them sitting next to the boat on the trailer for the next morning's trip.  When I went out, three of the gas caps had been chewed nearly off, not the cans just the caps.  Must have been the squirrels but who knows.  Nobody pays much attention to who made their gas cans.  I bought the same ones I have in Michigan because I like their handles and the spout works the best of all the new ones.  Turns out the were made by Midwest Can and was I ever lucky.  No one within 25 miles carries any parts but when I called them they were incredibly friendly and sent me replacements FREE.  Now that's Customer Service and you can bet I will be paying attention the next time I buy gas cans.

Safety – Our FlameShield Safety System is engineered to address consumer’s #1 concern relative to the storage and use of flammable liquids for home and recreational use.

Quality – Midwest fuel containers are manufactured with high quality HDPE plastics and feature our exclusive vapor barrier technology built directly into our container walls. 

m L.  /  Saddle brook, NJ

Great products and GREAT customer service! Keep it up folks.

Environmentally Committed

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